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Case study

Automating strategy deployment processes for greater productivity and enhanced performance management

Wabtec is a leading supplier of critical components, locomotives, services, signaling and logistics systems and services to the global rail industry.

Wabtec Manufacturing


Strategy execution


“We’d taken spreadsheets as far as we could for managing our strategy deployment process. Too much time was being wasted and our manual process was prone to error.”

Mahesh Shankar, Director, Strategy, Wabtec Corporation


“i-nexus replaced our spreadsheet patchwork with a single solution that automated our process. Automating our manually-intensive process has led to productivity gains and the ability for the team to think strategically.”

Mahesh Shankar, Director, Strategy, Wabtec Corporation


Customer outcome

  • Collaborative cloud solution that enables and automates strategy deployment

i-nexus solution focus

  • Interactive planning using x-matrix
  • Performance reporting with bowling xharts
  • Root cause analysis and countermeasures for exception handling
  • Automated monthly management reporting cycles

i-nexus benefits

  • Built a “single source of truth” that centralizes data
  • Maintained an x-matrix multi-dimensional planning view of strategic objectives, KPIs & targets, and activities/projects
  • Automated key activities including report preparation and distribution
  • Drove accountability and monitor progress toward targets through real-time performance tracking
  • Brought underperformance back on track by determining root cause and implementing rapid countermeasures

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The i-nexus difference

i-nexus wraps around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

Support for your journey

We use two decades of experience across strategy execution, Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and project management to help you overcome your challenges, spot gaps, and accelerate success.


Integrate i-nexus

i-nexus acts as your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to achieving your goals. 

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